Places to Donate Your Wedding Dress in Utah 

Instead of hanging your wedding dress up in your closet and never wearing it again, consider donating it. It may give you pause to give away something so emotionally valuable and expensive but think about how good it will feel to participate in a good cause. Here are a few places to donate your wedding dress to in Utah.


Angel Gown Program

 Donate your wedding dress to the NICU angel gown program

The NICU Angel Gown Program is particularly special. It takes donated wedding dresses and turns them into pretty burial gowns for babies who passed away in the hospital. The program donates the gowns to the grieving family and each burial gown is handsewn by a volunteer seamstress. Before donating your dress to the Angel Gown Program, be sure to have it professionally cleaned.


Adorned in Grace

Adorned in Grace is a charity program that sells donated wedding gowns. The organization uses the proceeds to give safe shelter and support to human trafficking victims. Adorned in Grace also promotes awareness and prevention of this terrible crime. The proceeds from every sale go toward fighting against human trafficking.


Wish Upon a Wedding

 donate your wedding dress to Wish Upon a Wedding

When you donate a wedding dress to Wish Upon a Wedding, you’re giving it to an organization that provides wedding clothes to people who are terminally ill. Often, these individuals don’t have enough money for a nice wedding since their funds are spent on medical care. Wish Upon a Wedding provides this service in every state, and you can read about some of the love stories on their site, making it easier to give up your wedding gown.


Brides Against Breast Cancer

 donate your wedding dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer

In operation since 1997, Brides Against Breast Cancer makes high-end dresses affordable while helping breast cancer charities around the nation. The proceeds made by selling each dress go toward charities formed to help breast cancer sufferers. If you donate your dress to this charity, you’ll receive a receipt that you can claim on your taxes. You’ll also regain your closet space by giving away your dress.


Donating Your Dress to Help Others 

If you’ve been married recently, then you can donate your wedding dress to help others. This charitable act ensures that another bride will enjoy a memorable wedding day like you did. Or, it will be used to ease the suffering of others. While it can be hard to give away something so important, do so knowing that you’re making the world a better place. 

Choosing a Utah Wedding Florist


We know that there are many things to consider when you’re planning your Utah wedding including the flowers that will decorate your big day. Because there are so many pretty flowers to choose from for a wedding, it’s important to select a Utah wedding florist who will do their part to make your big day perfect.  

The Rose Shop Utah Wedding Florist Bridal Bouquet

PC: Whitney Hunt Photography 

Flowers: The Rose Shop

The Rose Shop

 The Rose Shop, a Utah wedding florist, created this centerpiece

As one of the state’s oldest and most esteemed florists, The Rose Shop is sure to create amazing floral arrangements for your wedding day. This is a Utah flower shop that flies fresh flowers in weekly from South America, so you can trust that you’ll have exquisite blooms for your wedding. It also offers wedding flower packages in various budgets. From making the perfect bride’s bouquet to ensuring that you have all of the boutonnieres needed for the wedding party, this Utah wedding florist has the experience and staff to provide the flowers that you need for your important event. Contact them at one of their three Utah locations in Salt Lake, Sandy, and Riverton!


Enchanted Cottage Floral 

Located in Draper, Enchanted Cottage Floral believes in making flower arrangements that feature a personal touch. Along with creating beautiful wedding bouquets, Enchanted Cottage Floral offers cake decorations made from fresh flowers, flower-enhanced archways and centerpieces. Bridal hair pieces are available from this florist as are corsages.


Flowers Squared

With its convenient location in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and longtime experience, Flowers Squared is one of the state’s best floral shops. This Utah wedding florist is known for its on-time deliveries, creative floral displays and unique arrangements. Flowers Squared offers a range of prices as well as free consultations. Whether your wedding is a big event or an intimate affair, Flowers Squared is sure to create the perfect arrangements.


Wildrose House 

The Wildrose House believes that it is tough to improve on nature. You’re sure to spot this inspiration in the flower shop’s designs. This Provo florist uses local blooms as much as possible. It also works to create stunning arrangements, the kind your guests will notice. As a full-service wedding flower provider, the Wildrose House takes care of everything. This includes setting your arrangements up and taking them down.


Quality Florists Statewide

Your Utah wedding florist has the important job of creating beautiful arrangements for one of the most memorable events in your life. From classic blooms to contemporary choices, wedding florists in Utah have the experience and suppliers to make your wedding day truly special.

Unique Wedding Day Traditions

Including a few symbolic rituals in your wedding is the perfect way to personalize your wedding day. When it comes to unique wedding day traditions, there are many to choose from. Here are a few that are sure to add a special touch to your big day. 

Jump the Broom

 jumping the broom is a unique wedding day tradition

PC: Engaged & Ready

Dating back to the 1800s, jumping the broom appears to have originated in Wiccan communities and western Africa. During the 1970s, this tradition became popular in the U.S. The couple jumps the broom at the end of the wedding ceremony once the officiant officially pronounces them married. The action of jumping over the broom symbolizes sweeping away the couple’s lives as single people and welcoming in a new life as a twosome. 

Pouring Sand

Pouring sand is one of many unique wedding day traditions

PC: The Spruce

While the specific origins of sand pouring aren’t clear, this wedding day tradition became popular during the early 2000s after The Bachelorette aired Trista and Ryan’s wedding. During the ceremony, Trista and Ryan poured sand. For this tradition, you and your soon-to-be spouse will pour two separate containers of sand into the same vase, creating a unique pattern. Most couples use two different colors. Once the two colors are combined, the sand symbolizes the blending of two people’s lives.  

Ring Warming

 Ring warming is one of the cutest and most unique wedding day traditions

PC: With These Rings

Thought to be a wedding tradition that originated in Ireland, ring warming is a sweet ritual, one that includes everyone who attends. Ring warming involves the guests passing around the wedding rings while the ceremony is taking place. Each guest is asked to hold the rings in their hands for a moment as they say a brief, silent prayer. Once everyone has participated, the rings are passed to the couple with positive thoughts and blessings for a happy marriage together. 


 handfasting is one of the most unique wedding day traditions

PC: Askival of Strathearn

Handfasting is a Celtic tradition with medieval origins. This unique wedding day tradition involves binding the hands of the couple together using cords or ribbons. The tradition symbolizes the couple’s union. During the middle ages, people used handfasting instead of marriage licenses. This was before marriage became regulated and managed by churches and governments. Each colored ribbon or cord comes with a meaning. For instance, white stands for purity while red signifies passion.   

Welcoming Traditions

 Unique wedding day traditions make this memorable event even more unforgettable. By including something symbolic, you’re increasing the specialness of your big day and giving your guests a way to participate or just be entertained. Wedding day traditions are fun and unique.


With all there is to do to plan for a wedding, sometimes the little (or boring) things get forgotten. One thing you MUST factor into your wedding planning is applying for a Utah marriage license. Also called a wedding license, Utah has a specific process couples must follow. Gateway Bridal, your Utah bridal shop located in Salt Lake City, has all the info! And of course, to beautify it up a bit, we are including pictures of our Real Gateway Bride Hayley wearing our Jerica gown, modified with long sleeves!

How to Get a Utah Marriage License | Gateway Bridal

To get your marriage license, Utah requires that you go to the clerk’s office in your county. This is something that the two of you must do together. Check the website for your county to determine their hours of operation. The office may not be open on the weekends.

Gateway Bridal tells you how to get a Utah marriage license with real bride photos 

About the Fees

To obtain a Utah marriage license, couples should plan to pay a fee. The amount will range from around $45 to $50, and in some counties, you must pay with cash. Contact the county clerk to confirm the exact cost if you want to be prepared.


 Gateway Bridal bride in the Jerica wedding dress

Additional Requirements

While planning out how to get a Utah marriage license, couples should expect to provide your full legal name. You’ll also need to give the office your social security numbers. Plan to give the office your current addresses as well as the dates and places of where you both were born. The office will ask you for the names of your parents including the maiden names of your mothers.


For a Utah wedding license (marriage license), you’ll be required to show one form of identification like a valid driver’s license, birth certificate or passport. If you’re using a birth certificate, you’ll also need to bring photo identification.


To apply for a Utah marriage license, you must be 18 years old and show legal verification of your age. The office will accept a valid driver’s license, passport or birth certificate to confirm this.


If either of you were married before, you’ll need to supply the divorce date or the date that the spouse passed away. If a divorce was finalized during the past 60 days, then the court will require the divorce decree to be signed by a judge.


Bride and Groom get a Utah marriage license 

Being Prepared

To ensure that you leave the clerk’s office with a marriage license in hand, be sure to bring all of the necessary documents along with cash or a credit card to pay the fee. Keep in mind that the court clerk will require you to return the license for recording within 30 days of it being issued. If you wait, you’ll have to apply for and pay the fee for a new Utah marriage license. 

Bride and groom get Utah marriage license and bride wears gown from Gateway Bridal


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